p o o f i s h - d o t - c o m

There once was a moo named FooMoo ... and there many ridiculous souls played in the ether.

If you are curious, perverted, or for any other reason wish to poke, please do:

Also, for programmers:

Foomoo's most glorious (or at least notorious) citizen is named: HAL.
He is a persistant player object whose environment makes TCP connections to a remote inetd spawned perl script that writes and reads with a pipe-enabled hackup of Jason Hutchens's MegaHALv8r6.
Much hilarity ensues. For the curious a few links:

acknowledgements: thanks be to:

  • the lambdamoo server project (and lambdacore)
  • Igibo - the progenitor
  • Pin - the evangelist
  • the MegaHAL project
  • Max_Extents - the frankenstein (hal.pl and festival support)
  • Zoot - the stubborn